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Hey there! We’re Mom Water, a fruit infused vodka water. That’s right, no bubbles — just pure still water (#drinkslikewater #notaseltzer). There’s also no sugar, no carbs, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and each drink is only 90 calories! We were created by Bryce and Jill Morrison, a southern Indiana couple in search of the perfect poolside drink that wasn’t loaded with sugar and could keep them feeling refreshed on a hot summer day. Jill was never a big seltzer fan or the bloating and headaches that followed after having a few, so she set out to create a light, non-carbonated alcoholic beverage.

After becoming a self-declared mixologist, Jill created a drink that was the perfect, all natural, sugar-free mix of tasty and boozy, and it didn’t take long for it to become a staple among her (and Bryce's!) friends. However, one of their kids accidentally grabbed one of Jill’s specially concocted water bottles from the cooler, so Bryce suggested she properly label them and Jill began to scribble "Mom" on the side. Thus, Mom Water was born.

Thank You

We’re so grateful to have you here. We’ve been told that we’re more than a brand, we’re a community — and that’s exactly what we strive to be. We’re here to celebrate Moms and all that they are. We hope that Karen, Julie, Sandy, and Linda leave you feeling refreshed to celebrate life with those you love most. Cheers!

Bryce, Jill, & The Mom Water Team

  • 2018


    Jill & Bryce are vacationing in the Dominican Republic where Jill discovers her love for the passion fruit infused hotel water. She asks the bartender to pour vodka in her Yeti cup, and mixed with the refreshing water, avoids the bloating, hangovers, and headaches caused by other drinks. 

  • SUMMER 2019

    SUMMER 2019

    Jill attempts to recreate the drink back in the states, and after filling endless water bottles with fruit infused vodka, it quickly becomes a staple among her and Bryce’s friends. Eventually, one of the kids accidentally grabs one of Jill’s specially mixed bottles, so she starts scribbling “Mom Water” on her carefully crafted concoctions. 

  • DECEMBER 2019

    DECEMBER 2019

    After Jill gets tired of bottling her own drinks and cannot find anything similar in stores, her and Bryce decide to make this Mom Water idea the real deal. Mom Water becomes an official business in Indiana before the end of the year. 

  • 2020

    The year of taste testings, brand development of flavors, a few setbacks with production… and a global pandemic. Bryce and Jill took their time to carefully craft the beverages to be exactly what they wanted them to be - the healthiest canned alcoholic drink on the market. 

  • MARCH 2021

    A surreal day for the Morrisons, Mom Water hits shelves in Indiana and Kentucky. 

  • SUMMER 2021

    SUMMER 2021

    Mom Water’s first summer includes 24 hour sell-outs, viral TikToks, endless emails and messages, and lots of fun, refreshing days on Indiana and Kentucky lakes. 

  • WINTER 2021

    As Mom Water plans for a big 2022, the team of two expands to nine.

  • JANUARY 2022

    JANUARY 2022

    A huge win for an Indiana owned company, Mom Water becomes an official partner of the Indiana Pacers and is sold in Gainbridge Fieldhouse. 

Stay tuned in 2023!

Mom Water ended 2022 in 26 states, a variety pack, six flavors and one holiday seasonal. Stay tuned for all the fun and growth in 2023!

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