Meet Carol

Your go to for holiday spirit(s)! Carol is our Cranberry Lime Holiday Seasonal and she is clever, confident, and lively. Don't miss her - She's only in town for the holidays!

Meet Karen

You know Karen. Karen is Lemon Blueberry flavored Mom Water, and she is bold, daring, and unique. Best enjoyed on a hot summer day with friends!

Meet Julie

Meet Julie! Julie is Passion Fruit flavored Mom Water, and she is witty, light-hearted, and spontaneous. Fun fact - Julie is the flavor that started it all!

Meet Sandy

Aloha, Sandy! Sandy is Coconut Mango flavored Mom Water, and she is mellow, chill, and balanced. Sandy takes you to a warm, breezy tropical beach vacation. 

Meet Linda

Listen, Linda. Linda is Blueberry Peach flavored Mom Water, and she is charismatic, playful, and creative. Linda is refreshing and boozy the perfect poolside drink!

Meet Susan

Boozin' with Susan. Susan is Strawberry Kiwi flavored Mom Water and is kind, passionate, candid, and before you know it, your new best friend.

Meet Nancy

Meet Fancy Nancy. Nancy is Pineapple Orange flavored Mom Water, and she is chatty, ambitious, and sincere. Day drinkin' plans? Nancy is your girl.

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