Area Sales Manager (ASM)- Tampa, FL

This position is no longer taking applicants. 

Position Overview

The ASM role is responsible for sales execution within Tampa and the surrounding market. There will be close collaboration with the distributor leads/reps to gain new customers and protect re-orders in established accounts. The ASM will work closely with the Regional VP to determine the appropriate sales strategies based on the defined distributor markets. The ASM will have responsibility for each selling channel, but a strong emphasis will be focused on the on-premise area. The ASM will attend monthly General Sales Meetings (GSMs) to keep the Mom Water brand in front of the distributor. This role will also include conducting tastings, attending events/festivals, field rides with distributor reps/leads, etc. The ASM will also monitor the need for point of sale (POS) and work with internal sales for specific requested items. The ASM will also be expected to recruit and oversee a group of brand ambassadors; exact number is pending based on the needs of the distributor market.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities
Support and Execute the Sales Strategy across the Tampa, FL market.
● Work closely with key distributor contacts/reps in the appropriate selling channels as defined by the RVP.
● Incorporate strategic ways to drive incremental sales across each selling channel with a strong focus for on-
premise channel growth. Better than 70% of the role will be targeting on-premise.
● Determine best options for programming and POS for targeted Mom Water events to increase sales.
● Represent the Mom Water brand at tastings/demos.
● Attend key events/festivals/etc. to drive brand awareness for Mom Water.
● Present Mom Water company updates at monthly GSMs across seven distributor partners.
● Recruit and oversee a group of brand ambassadors who will represent Mom Water at tastings/events.
  • Represent the Mom Water brand at the highest standard in front of our customers in retail and events.

Education: Bachelor’s or associate degree in business or equivalent preferred
Licenses & Certifications: None required
Work Experience: 2-5 Years Selling Experience in the alcohol industry required.

Skills & Qualifications
● Must have strong communication skills.
● Must have strong time-management skills.
● Ability to be a leader and team player role as needed.
● Need to be self-motivated and work with little supervision.
● Ability to collaborate effectively to determine best-outcome solutions.
● Must be able to work “off” hours at times for tastings/events. i.e., Nights/Weekends

This role is full-time and remote in Tampa, FL with heavy travel required.