Bryce and Jill's Love Story

This particular love story was helped by a little liquid courage. Ironically, that courage later led them to start (arguably) the best alcoholic beverage on the planet: Mom Water.


As all great alcohol-entrepreneur love stories begin, the two were set up to meet at a bar. Bryce had just moved back home to Huntingburg, Indiana from Chicago. His aunt happened to work with Jill’s cousin, and the two of them had been discussing the potential of connecting Bryce & Jill.  


Jill had just graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in Occupational Therapy, and the pair couldn’t seem like a more unlikely match. While Bryce was a creative extrovert, Jill was an organized introvert.

However, Jill agreed to a set up at the bar that day (for anyone who knows Jill this is a wonder in itself as she is a bit on the reserved side, and signing herself up for this was outside her comfort zone). She was hanging with her friends when her cousin introduced Bryce. She nervously said hi and then went back for another drink. She went and talked with her friends for a while, and in the meantime, Bryce had a few (strong) drinks himself – inevitably scarred that his date walked away after saying hi, ha!


With a little liquid courage, Jill approached Bryce later and they hit it off for the rest of the evening realizing there was a serious spark there!  The initial meet up was on a Wednesday and they liked each other so much they ended up hanging out the rest of the weekend.

The second date’s conversation consisted of their love for both Caesar Salad and cats – and they were hooked. Jill remembers those two factors being the first things she told her parents about Bryce.


Six months later, the two had created a steady routine and life together. It was typical for them to spend their weekends together golfing with friends, so that particular day seemed in no way out of the ordinary.


At Sultan’s Run golf course in Jasper Indiana, on the 18th green in front of the falls, Bryce had strategically snuck a ring box into the hole. Jill reached down to pull the flag out and commented that someone had placed a piece of wood in there – a few drinks in, Jill had absolutely no idea what was about to happen.

Bryce, laughing, motioned for Jill to take it out. When she did, he was down on one knee. Of course, Jill said yes!


The rest of their crew was watching from above and didn’t hear any of the commentary, so they were joking when the two walked back up, asking if she had even answered or said yes!


20 years later, the two have a strong relationship that many look up to. They are a prime example of balance in a relationship, as the differing strong suits create a powerful unit, driving a strong brand together! Cheers to that!